Friday, October 22, 2010

A change in my Life

I have just visited the Doctors office and on my way to get rid of some of these medications that I would prefer not to take but am unfortunately, they are what helps me participate in the real world! But before I loose my mind and body to more pain in the reduction of a pain killer I hope that I will be able to survive and thrive with less and get out an take some more photos and enjoy the changing of the leaves as fall is starting to appear!
so before my brain and eyes see me like this I figured extra drugs in my system were a not needed and I have had enough days of that buzz feeling in the past.
I hate it when I do not know if it is the problem or the cure, that is slowing me down so I am not painting, not making jewelry or not building something or am not out just shooting photos upon photos. But am glad I get the chance to see people I know photos so I can try to feel the thoughts and emotion's they put into there photos....... I can feel my brain wandering without a solid point to make or a single direction to head !
So wish me luck that more fog will lift and I might get some more things done, that make life all the more worth while...................

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