Monday, October 11, 2010

Touring around my blogs

Here I am taking a look at all the Blogs that came out of my Vox account and have found the one all my posts have disappeared even though I did all the correct things to import all my stuff ! Thankfully I am paranoid and did it on two different blog spots and the one is all hopefully in the near future I can make a computer where I can make a post on one and it shows up on all. But that will be another story or Blog at least as I still look for missing Vox Friends.


  1. i transfered my Vox blog over at typepad. but, honestly, i don´t come along with it at all. i am glad i could rescue my older posts there though.

  2. my vox stuff is saved on word press but somehow disappeared off typepad it was there until Vox closed very annoying also it is hard to figure out all these different blogs and how to post on them need to find a way to post on one and it goes on all! Good to know I am still in touch with you and a few others would hate to have lost my on line friends

  3. my VOX blog is safed, i am so glad about that!
    But: I really miss the reply function we had over at VOX on any other blog. I think that´s one big point which kept community so alive.
    I am so glad we kept in touch too!

  4. I like some of the reply features in the wordpress one but am still having a hard time getting it to do what I want it too!
    But I would be sad if I lost contact with some of the vox people....There is you and a nice Aussy Lady and a lady I meet through the Aussy lady Lauren if you get her to reply or when she dose post! I still have to find one person and she is from a few who are now on facebook.
    Funny how many nice people one can meet on here and make a nice contact with but still I miss the simplicity of VOX